Value Issues Essay

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Value Issues
Some particular value issues arise depending on the technical project or structure(s) being implemented within this watershed. The projected team lead was instructed to gather information on this watershed through pre-established data sites, topographical maps, and satellite images in order to save money and time. The watershed is comprised of extremely steep hills and cliffs which make navigating through the watershed difficult which explains why the team lead was instructed to acquire information in this way. However, navigating the creek and reaching the desired locations is not terribly difficult because of the residential homes or trailers that live in close proximity to the creek. In addition, the watershed is under …show more content…

Alternative Courses of Action
A definite alternative course of action would be to simply acquire information about the watershed by utilizing intensive field tests, rather than in-direct information gathering. This alternative would remove some of the established value issues and make the requested calculations more accurate and truthful. However, this alternative would not be cost effective and would require much more time and man power.
A second alternative would be to pick a basecamp location that is low in elevation, feasibly far downstream in relation to the residences, and within an area of both high infiltration rates and out of the direct runoff path direction. The technical project, if put in a location like this, would have no substantial effect on the watershed, residences, or the Zone one water source protection area that the watershed flows into.
A third alternative would be to have very few intensive field tests done at the project location and at the area(s) of most consequence. This alternative would cost money but its costs would be far under the cost of full intensive field testing. In addition, the few tests would be able to provide more accurate information about the projects location which can be compared to or utilized with the generalized data acquired indirectly about the watershed.

Conflict Resolutions
The best conflict resolution to this technical project would be to request

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