Value Of Life Essay

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Hello class of 2018 , parents, family, friends, and SOAR faculty. I am honored to be addressing you guys today during our high school graduation. I never thought I would personally make it this far, but here I am.Today I would like to talk to you guys about the value of life. I am going to address my personal point of view on the value of life, and how I feel about it. I know some of you might have never thought about how valuable your life is. Hopefully, by the end of my speech you will have a new perspective on life. Let’s begin.
Before I begin I would like to tell you guys what I think about life. Personally, I value life as something special, that should never be taken for granted. I strongly feel that life is special and even if you are wealthy or poor it does not matter because in the end you are still living. I feel that today in American society a lot of us do not value life as much as we should. This is due to the fact that we are so privileged that ist is hard to realize how valuable our life is. However, in poorer countries the people view life as something sacred and understand life’s true values, and know how special it is. I would like to state that you cannot put a price tag on someone's life. But people begin to think what is a life worth? If you research online you will find that there are “Human Life Value Calculator” and personally I think these are inaccurate and inhumane. Essentially, what this calculator does is it takes your income, taxes, savings,

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