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Values Reflection Ursula Wilson CJA/474 November 18, 2012 Mathew Workman Values Reflection Every individual has a set of his or her own personal values that dictates how he or she reacts to situations in life and these values also define who he or she is. Values are significant and lasting viewpoints and principles shared by most people in society in regard to what is morally right or wrong. Some examples of values are integrity, loyalty, honesty, virtue, love, selflessness, and zeal. Values can sometimes sway an individual’s actions and can act as general rules for every circumstance. Individuals in society will often have his…show more content…
Values establish what behaviors a person will exhibit in life in making a determination of what actions are right and wrong. Sometimes in life there are individuals and situations that influence an individual’s behaviors and those behaviors are not always in line with what the individual knows is right or wrong. Sometimes negative influences from peers can facilitate changes in people’s values. For example, a peer can believe stealing is the only way to make a living, but the individual knows that stealing is against the law and working on a job is the right thing to do. Strong moral values will often prevent an individual from committing wrongful acts that he or she knows goes against the rules of society. The nature and importance of human values in the workplace is crucial for the success of any organization. For any company to be a success there must be a cohesive relationship between management and the employees. Values and ethics are crucial in any work environment to promote order, to guarantee the company runs efficiently, and to ensure the company continues to bring in revenue (Amico, 2012). Every company has a set of its own values and ethics that it makes known to individuals either before or after the hiring process (Amico, 2012). Sometimes an employer can terminate an employee who continually excels in job performance because the employee is not following workplace values and ethics. Some workplace values are dedication, integrity,

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