Van Daan's Death At Concentration Camps

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Some of the Franks and all of the Van Daan’s all died at concentration camps and almost all in the same year. People died because of various things and died at different ages. They died at different camps and some of them were separated when they died. Starting with ages. Anne died at 16, Margot died at 18, Peter at 18, Mrs.Frank at 44, and Mr. Frank died at 91 because he survived the holocaust and lived many more years after. They all died at various camps, Anne and Margot died at the Bergen- Belsen camp, Mrs. Frank at Auschwitz, and all the Van Daan’s at the Mauthausen camp. They were all first transferred to Auschwitz and some were then transferred to other camps.
At the various camps, they all died because of something that killed a lot

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