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Vans: Skating on Air | Marketing Case Analysis |
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Statement of Central Issue In the spring of 2002, the Vans brand had reached monumental success that outpaced most brands within their industry and transformed them into a $350 million business. The rapid growth of the company and increase demand created a need for a new strategy to guide the brand’s future growth plans. Van’s CEO and president, Gary Schoenfeld, felt strongly that the brand was at a crossroads and that, while they were pleased with the current success, they had not yet maxed out their potential. His question was not whether or not growth was needed, but rather how best to drive the next stage of growth. Given the unique brand and
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They started by identifying which alternative sports fit their brand best and created a list of “Core Sports” that included Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, BMX, Motocross, and Supercross. They knew that other brands could outspend them, so they instead focused on the authenticity of their brand and integrating themselves into the lifestyle and culture of these Core Sports. Vans adopted a unique promotional strategy that was very different than the large budget traditional advertising campaigns that their large competitors had relied on for years. They instead focused on four distinct avenues in their promotional mix. The first method of promotion was through their ownership of the international “Triple Crown Series”, a competition that drew athletes from around the world and was broadcast nationally on NBC networks. This brought global exposure to the Vans brand and furthered their authentic integration into the culture of their Core Sports. The second promotional method was a traveling festival known as the Vans Warped Tour that featured local skate competitions, lesser known bands, and brought together the Core Sports community. In addition to brand promotion, the events brought in substantial revenue of

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