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Great Choice? Fashion Review By:Adan Caballero Date:Feb/16/2016 Lots of people are talking about the new Mercurial Vapor X and how it's supposedly the best cleats in the world. But is it true? The Mercurial Vapor X are truly fascinating and probably are way better than the Vapor 9. Nike packed them with innovative technologies that offer great comfort and touch on the ball, something that is not usually associated with the Vapor range. The Vapor X’s fit and feel is the number one thing people talk about when they hear the new Vapor X. Between the Vapor 9 and Vapor 10 the the Vapor 10 has more thinner material which makes it more comfortable. Then the 9 has three different pieces and in the other hand the Vapor 10 has one piece …show more content…

They have updated the studs and added the third and fourth stud in the heel. . Like the Superfly and Hypervenom, the Vapor X now features split toe technology that allows the forefoot to move more freely from side to side, helping with stability and changes of direction. Also Nike has added Compressed Nylon, essentially a more flexible and thinner variation of the Glass Nylon soleplate found on the Hypervenom Phantom and doesn’t give you the feeling of slipping. The Nike Mercurial X has an astonishing great upper. Another brilliant microfiber upper material has been introduced on the Vapor X that has all the softness and comfort of a Hypervenom upper at a fraction of the thickness and weight. Also the lightness is incredible too. The Vapor 9 weighs about 6.9 ounces but the Vapor 10 only weighs 6.3 ounces. All this has to do with the soulplate. Which makes the Vapor X a very comfortable cleat. In the end, the people who said the Vapor 10 is the best, they have said the truth. But also depends in how you like the feeling when you wear cleats. The Mercurial Vapor 10 is just so comfortable that just by itself is better than any other cleat in the market. Also the Nike Mercurial Vapor 10 is a definite improvement over its predecessor. Finally for my final thought is that, the vapor x is probably the best choice for any

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