Essay on Variation On A Theme

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I could not find my keys anywhere, this was not helping my situation. I was already late for work and with my current weekly track record, one more tardy day that week would cause me to get fired. My apartment was already a mess without me uprooting every pile of clothes to find my keys. I looked out my window while midst my self created turmoil to see storm clouds forming. This could possibly give me an excuse as to why I was late. When I turned around I saw my cat Randal getting up from his nap, his departing mass revealed my keys. I didn't have time to comprehend the absurdity of this and I grabbed them and left. Being on the top level of my apartment building was a luxury with the exception of the lack of an elevator. I reached my car …show more content…

Rumors around the office had been lightly surfacing for a few weeks about how people were being fired because of various petty mistakes. And I was sure I would be too for my late streak. At 5:00 PM I left work and headed home. I would be up late tonight because of a deadline for a new design. As I worked through the night I pondered the rumors and why I was not let go. But the next morning the answer made itself bluntly clear. As I was getting ready for work I received an email from my boss. It stated, “We at Calgary Design sincerely thank you for your service at the company, but the constant and quality record of customer satisfaction is sinking. We are losing clients often and little income is being brought in. It is with this note that we inform you that we will no longer require your services at this company.” My spirits sank as I read the the email and I found myself on the floor of my apartment once I had finished. I perused the email information and was shocked with what I saw. The email had been sent to 28 out of the 53 employees that worked my floor, and no doubt many more working at the three floor complex. This was my dream job, and I didn't have any back up plan for being laid off. Randal must have sensed my anguish as he meandered towards me and curled up on my chest. After about an hour of lying still in thought I eventually mustered up enough courage to go to work and retrieve all of my belongings.

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