Various Stages of the Writing Process

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The Writing Process The objective study is to review the various stages within the writing process from beginning to production of the final edited version of the work in writing. Writing begins with the determination of the subject that will be at focus in the work in writing. There are various stages in the writing process and each of these is individually important to the collective whole of the written document. Upon having made a choice as to the topic that is to be examined the writer must then consider which specific aspects of the topic are to be examined and which aspects of the topic are not as important and will receive a perfunctory review. This will entail an outline that lists the subcategories of the topic at hand and the elements within each subcategory within the topic. The third step in the writing process is that of research. Research involves a great deal of reading in the area of inquiry chosen. The literature that is considered valid and the soundest is literature that is professional and academic as well as being peer-reviewed in nature and that is published in journal articles and other professional and academic literature. As the writer examines the material, the writer takes notes on particularly pertinent information they have located. Included in the notes are the following: (1) author's name; (2) date published; (3) title of the work; (4) the publisher along with the city and state of the publisher's location; and (5) the page number of any
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