Variverge Case Study

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VariVerge is Panhandle Presort Service's sister company. It specializes in high-speed secure printing and mailing services. Various industries rely on VariVerge to print financial statements and other sensitive documents like tax statements, jury notices, utility bills, and medical billing statements.

What Makes VariVerge Special?

This company has been in the business of secure printing for over 20 years. They bring decades of experience to help clients keep data secure, while minimizing mailing costs and maximizing response rates. They can do everything from set-up to confirmation.

VariVerge offers secure data transfer and encrypted data storage. This protects client data and keeps it secure through the entire printing process. The company
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VariVerge is in the business of printing and mailing. They have the equipment and trained personnel to make it happen efficiently. Plus, they can offer discounted mailing rates.

It allows clients to focus on their core business. Why spend all your time with administrative tasks? Outsource your printing and mailing needs, then concentrate on what you do best.

It offers custom designs. VariVerge customers love the fact they can completely customize the design of their statements and billing. It allows them to keep their branding consistent.

It provides quality and security checkpoints. The entire printing and mailing process has built-in quality and security checks. If anything is not found to meet specifications, it is examined and corrected.

PPS is VariVerge Compliant

Panhandle Presort Services is proud to be VariVerge compliant. They work with their sister company to help clients with their secure statement and printing needs. The two companies can handle just about any printing or mailing needs a client needs to happen.

If you are in need of direct mail or secure printing services, contact Panhandle Presort Services in Amarillo, Midland and Lubbock, Texas. They provide solutions to over 1500 businesses and non-profits. They can help
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