Advantages And Disadvantages Of File Format

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Currently there are various types of file format emerged and it is used for preserve the digital information. The main problems of these files format are not preserved digitally. The products of digital information’s are produce in word processing, spread sheet, data base, formula, chat, multimedia, etc. Heterogeneous way the information are store in these files and it is required pacific software for access these files. The specification of file format is play very important role in digital preservation. The files format are continuously grow new feature and function. Maximum organization and institution are preserving the digital records. It is called digital repository and it is preserve for long term. These repositories are preserved in…show more content…
A PDF file contains one or more page images, each of which can zoom in on or out from. User can page forward and backward. Advantages of Portable Document Format (PDF) • Fast and simple to create: PDF files are very easy to create and virtually take no time at all. It's as easy as clicking a button with mouse. • Security: If worried about sending documents over internet or circulate it in the office, no need to worry with PDF documents. • Capability to compress large files: Imagine storing and transferring large volume of heavy files. PDF had make life lot easier. The PDF's capability to compress large files is everybody's dream. • Portability: All PDF files exist independently from the Operating system, hardware, software that is being used to view, edit or Convert PDF files. It not only makes it easy to transfer files among computers with different hardware and software architecture. Using PDF files also make sure that the document send reach the destination clearly without any error. • This is a cross-platform standard. This means user can see a document exactly as it was created, regardless of what platform it was created
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