Vegan Cinderella Analysis

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“Vegan Cinderella”
In the Netflix original, Easy. Entitled “Vegan Cinderella” by Joe Swanberg, we see an honest and visceral depiction of modern young love. There are moments in our relationships when we lie to our significant others, maybe even change a little bit of ourselves for them. In this episode, we see a cast of mostly young twenty-something-year-old lesbian females and follow the two main characters through the first few days of a budding romance. We hear many awkward conversations between the two women about veganism and there is a great sense of realism within the story and the characters. You feel like these women could be any one of your friends, almost as if you are also there with the characters. I think everyone at some point in their life has tried to change themselves because they thought it is necessary in order for the other person to like them. In this episode, we see Chase try to impress Jo by changing who she is in order to impress her which is something we all can relate to. Joe Swanberg is known for his indie films and shooting on 16mm and 35mm film. He also does not write scripts but writes a one-page outline where he has the characters use improvisation to fill in the blanks. He focuses on naturalism and has little use for doing more than one or two takes. His on-set brevity allows for his films to be shot over the course of just a few weeks which helps to keep production costs down (Zakarin). The style or genre of this film is
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