Venezuela's Mixed Economy

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Fellow friends and family, it is well known that Venezuela is a country in south America, where the population is roughly around 31,815,485, and many tourists roam around seeing its beautiful terrain. Every year the GDP of Venezuela is about 438.3 billion US dollars. In addition, the currency of Venezuela is called Bolivar, and Venezuela generates its revenue by a having a mixed economic system. This means the producers and consumers decide what to produce based on the supply and demand. As well, the government makes the decisions on what to produce such as our petroleum industry. Private and the government are just the main ways on to how to produce. In the end of all the manifestation of the products, you, the people, whom are the producers …show more content…

The negative effects of having a mixed economy in our country is having an economy based on social welfare. This caused us to not make enough money as a whole country. There is a distinction of an hierarchy to wealth because of this mixed economy. Not to mention a mixed economic seems very leery. It's costly and involves many risks. The future is uncertain and unpredictable, no one knows how each decisions will affect us as a country in the long run. Moreover it wastes resources, only the rich can buy the scarce resources while other classes can not. Let us not emulate Americans, their amount of debt is inevitable. This is simply because they have a mixed economy. Why be in debt when you can find a new way to climb out of the hole you fell …show more content…

I am happily to introduce a new economic system that is better for our country. I present to you command economy, patronize with me and be ecstatic for helping the country as a whole. The new regulations follow: the government will decide on what you will produce and what we as a country will or will not produce, this system is everything but leery. Private businesses will give their rights to the government and the government will manage the tasks of each individual business- it is now a government business. This form of economic system is to benefit us and let the country to generate more money. Every one will get equal amounts of all that is essential to live off of. The main focus for a command system is to help our country as a whole so no destitutes will be allowed. Our new economy will prioritize on our country so we can have enough money to fund all of you people, the producers and

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