Venipuncture Procedure

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As difficult as this procedure might seem, performing a routine venipuncture is a relatively easy and quick procedure. The word venipunture in medical terminology is defined as “puncture to the vein” which often is performed by a phlebotomist; this healthcare professional is a trained individual who specializes in drawing blood. Let’s face it, many of us are afraid of needles, even I would have never thought of performing this procedure myself. So if I did, so can you.
Let’s begin by proceeding with the first and most important step, greet and identify the patient. Always ask his or her name and date of birth. It is necessary to make the patient feel welcomed and secure. Verifying their identity is a procedure for assurance that all given tests are not performed on wrong patients, this could result in wrong test results for the patient.
Start with gathering the following supplies: A pair of gloves, needle, vacutainer (tube holder), blood collection tube, tourniquet, alcohol, gauze and band Aids. When choosing the tubes, determine this according to the physicians order given to you by the patient. When choosing the needle size, determine this based on the physical appearance of the vein, this will not only make it easier but it will also make your technique better. …show more content…

Now explain the procedure to the patient so that when the moment arises they are prepared as to what to expect. First you will put your gloves on, sit the patient down and apply the tourniquet to palpate the vein. The key to puncturing the vein is not by seeing it but rather by palpating it; this is the proper technique that is used when venipuncture. You will take a few second to examine and feel the vein; this will give you a clear vision of the depth and width. This step should not take longer than one minute. After you are positive about the puncture site, proceed with cleansing the area and allow the area to dry for thirty

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