Vice Presidential Debate Analysis

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After watching the Vice Presidential Debate, I agree with Pence more than Kaine, to say the least. From the sounds of the debate, Pence knows what he is doing, he, as well as Trump, have a solid plan for everything, and Pence also knows how to fully defend Trump which is good in the long run. In the beginning of the debate, candidates were asked if they would be able to handle the responsibility if the elected president were to step down. Pence suggested that he definitely wants to make a change in America, and would fully follow in Trumps footsteps. He also said that he has had lots of experience in politics, so he could easily handle the pressure, and that is what we need for our president and vice president. Yes, Kaine said that he has had…show more content…
But that answer did not really make sense, or answer the question. So, he did not do well answering the question once again. Another question that the two were asked was “Are you concerned about adding more to the country’s debt? How are you going to handle that?” Kaine was very focussed on raising minimum wage and taxes, and investing in manufacturing and infrastructure. But wouldn’t that just make the debt bigger? Pence on the other hand, answered the question with an answer that actually made sense. He said that, in order to deal with the debt, we need to have balanced budgets. This way, money will be able to be controlled easier. He also said that him and Trump have a plan to balance out the economy again, whereas Kaine and Hillary do not. The fourth question the pair was asked, dealt with illegal immigration, and how they were going to deal with and control that situation. Pence says that him and Trump are going to deal with it systematically, and that no one should be as worried as they are right now. He also suggested that we need to have more forceful, if you will, border control, so that the nation can be protected. After Pence had stated all of their plans, Kaine did what he had been doing
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