Victor Frankenstein Brain

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What do you rely on more, your gut or your brain? Maybe a little bit of both? The main character of Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein, relies on both those things, but only one at a time. While reading about Victor, you can see that he either only uses brain, or only uses gut feelings. Learning from Victor’s experiences, you can quickly learn that only relying on one or the other is a bad idea. The plot of Frankenstein follows Victor Frankenstein through childhood up as we watch him gain the desire to bring the dead back to life. After years of research and tests, he finally brings a man-like creature life. Throughout those years, all that Victor has used is his brain. Never did he think about the consequences of his actions, or how what he was doing could affect someone, himself especially, …show more content…

Once he’s brought the monster to life, Victor is terrified by what he’s made with his own hands, causing him to abandon the monster, hoping that it will die on it’s own. Later in the book, the reader as well as Victor learn that the monster wasn’t a vile creature at all, but rather a man who needed love. If victor had thought logically creating the monster, thought about how a thing that has been freshly made most likely didn’t have a monstrous bone in its body, the tragedy that followed after the monster was made, could have been avoided. Towards the end of the book, the monster reappears in Frankenstein’s life, threatening to kill all whom he loves if he does not make the monster a life companion. Victor refuses, and in response Frankenstein kills those that he loves, before he disappears himself, presumably off to kill

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