Video Game Piracy is the Biggest Issue Facing the Video Game Industry

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Video Game piracy is one of the biggest issues facing the video game industry, specifically PC gaming. It occurs every day, and is dramatically affecting the revenues earned by video game developers. Piracy can occur in a number of ways. The first possible method of video game piracy is burning content onto a disc. Someone can copy the contents of a game disc into a file on their computer and then burn those contents onto a blank disc. This disc can then be given or sold to someone as the full version of a game. Another technique that pirates use is called torrenting. This involves finding the code file for a video game and then transferring it into a playable version of the game. After this is done, the pirate can play the game for free and can even post this new playable file on the internet as a free download that anyone can access. Piracy is one of the biggest problems that video game developers have faced over the years.
Many consumers like the idea of pirated games because it means that they can play games without paying for them. One of the arguments against video game developing companies is that games cost too much, so it is the developers’ faults that piracy exists. The only reason that video games are expensive is because they cost so much money to create. Many games these days cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars to develop, so the only way the company can make a profit is if they put the $60 price tag on their games.

A second argument

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