Video Games And Its Effects On Society

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Since the creation of Spacewar in spring of 1962, video games have dramatically improved along with technology. It has become the most popular way of entertainment in modern civilization, but it also has become a subject of public concern regarding to its negative effects on peoples psychological and physical problems, especially in children and teens. Video games are now recognized by a study as an addiction according to the journal Psychological Science: “Researchers used data on 1,200 children and teens taken from a survey. About 8.5% were addicted to video games and showed at least 6 of 11 signs of addictive behavior. For example, skipped schoolwork to play games or ‘escape’ bad feeling” (“Video Games Addiction Is Real”). Studies made in South Korea have concluded that video games are indeed a real problem for society and their government took action on the matter by passing a law known as “Gaming Shutdown Law” as reported by Sun Carolyn: “ Two big surveys--one by Seoul 's National Information Society Agency, the other by Korea 's Ministry of Gender Equality and Family--found that more than one in 10 Korean adolescents are at high risk for Internet addiction and that one in 20 are already seriously addicted.” Even though, the compulsive use of video games has caused adverse effects on people, being children and teens the more exposed to, there are some solutions that can help overcome this type of addiction.
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