Video Games And Its Impact On Society

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Video games have now been in existence for a few decades, and in such a short time have evolved greatly. The first video game was created to be a military artillery calculator, then others played with the idea and pong was created, packman would become one of the most wildly known game in arcades, and now we have games such as call of duty or battlefield that can be played on a device that would use to require an entire room just for the computing power. Games have made a large leap in technology from two white rectangles rebounding a ball between one another, to the ability of virtual reality that visually has few faults that can be noticed by the human eye thanks to the high frames per second displayed to the user’s eyes. Along with the…show more content…
I had become entranced by the same concepts that lure people to Las Vegas and keep them in the casinos. Being still young and having been introduced to these new worlds of far off lands and mythical creatures, my imagination would grow and dream of what my own games would be. I would create my own characters scribbling down who they were and with a child’s artistic ability, attempt to illustrate these people and monsters that were in my imagination and depict how they would speak, where they were from, and why they were there. These ideas would grow and new ideas would flow, with every new game the ideas I had would intertwine with thoughts of my own, and that of others. My imagination would continue to develop while I added all these stories to the archives of my mind for inspiration when I would create a new story. Advancing to my mid-teens I had continued to find fascination with all the new technological breakthroughs being released. The worlds that were displayed to me as a young child were becoming more realistic. The characters were beginning to appear more lively, buildings would have more architectural detail, and the terrains appeared to have life within them, even the wind’s light breeze could be seen passing through a tree, carrying the leaves into view while two monsters conversed about what to do to a captured human. This hidden exquisiteness overshadowed by the
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