Video Games Can Be Good For People

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The debate has started ever since there were tests when the first console has been released to take home and play in the living room. Ever since then scientists study them to find out if video games are bad for a person’s health, and if playing them for an excessive amount of time has a change in one’s health. The tests that researchers study will inform people about gaming and how it changes their health, but there will still be millions of people playing video games. There are many people who love to play and even play video games for a living, but there are many people who disagree with video games. Many of the people who disagree with video games are mainly parents who see their kids playing them, but there are more than just parents who do not like them. There are many other disagreements about video games that people think harm someone’s health and relationships. I think video games can be good for people and that they can even relieve stress to a point, but anyone playing video games needs to know when to take a break or stop playing. Many people who do not like video games because they are too violent only see the violent games and not much more. It is usually the parents who buy their kid a game and do not realize that it is too violent and then they hate the video games. I agree that video games should not be played by kids, but that is why there is a game rating. This game rating shows what ages are recommended for playing specific games, it even shows what is

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