Video Games and Youth Violence: Is There a Connection? Essay example

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Tuscon Arizona, Blacksburg Virginia, DC, Littleton Colorado and Paducah Kentucky just a few locations for some of the most tragic, memorable crimes in the modern age. What is the common denominator for all of these crimes? They were all committed by an adolescent or young adult. The influences were many and the reasons are still under debate. The main contributing factor for all of this violence was originally thought to be violent video games, and the vivid scenarios played out in them.( Grossman, DeGaetano 1999) After further investigation, that factor in itself has been proven to be untrue. Contrary to the popularly accepted belief, violent video games do not increase the tendencies for violence in healthy, normal adolescents and …show more content…

In the development of our culture starting as far back as some of us can remember, even before video games, children and youth have always been fascinated by violence and games involving role playing fantasy. From childhood with its innocuous games of cowboys and Indians, to cops and robbers, we have always looked to fantasy and make believe to entertain ourselves and at times escape from the reality of a very normal, mundane life. States Harold Schecter PhD, a professor of English at Queens College in New York City “I have little doubt that fifty years from now, parents will be raising a howl over virtual-reality shoot-‘em–ups that allow their kids to actually feel the splatting blood from the blown-off head of a holographic zombie, and that they will pine for the idyllic days of 2004, when children enjoyed such harmlessly cartoonish pastimes as Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto.” For a lot of adolescents in today’s world, the ability to relax after a day at school, work, or social activities, whether sports or family related, is not clear cut process. (Jenkins, MIT PhD 2002 ) Some can handle the peer pressure they are put under on a daily basis in stride without a building aggression or anger. For those youths video games are a form of interaction with like minded people, allowing relaxation and pent up frustration at a perceived issue to be deflated. When presented with the reason for playing 2032 children grades 3-12 , relaxation was a reason chosen by a

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