Video Modeling Intervention Practices For Young Children

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The purpose of this literature review focuses on peer-reviewed single-subject studies published since 1995 that assess the outcomes of video-modeling intervention practices for young children under the age of 6 with autism spectrum disorders. In our form of method, we conducted computer searches of electronic databases and hand searches of other sources. Primarily, single-subject case studies were found and were evaluated for reliability and validity based on Horner 's quality appraisal methods (Horner, 2005). Overall, our review contained 17 articles that met initial criteria and were considered based on area of targeted skill. The results of our quality appraisal of the articles yielded positive and the effects of …show more content…

Bellini and Akullian 's (2007) research provided criteria for establishing video modeling as an evidence based practice for the intervention of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. Their meta analysis found effective skill acquisition, maintenance, and generalization for children ranging in age from 3 to 21 across social communication skills, functional skills and behavioral functioning (283-284). As Steiner, Goldsmith, Snow, and Chawarska (2003) explained, increasing numbers of young children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and reliable identification is possible within a child 's second year of life. Early diagnosis and intervention can greatly improve the quality of life for those affected by autism (pg 1193). Smithson indicated that children with autism have impairments in executive control. Executive control includes many domains such as cognitive flexibility, working memory, inhibition, and planning(CITE real world executional control impairments in preschoolers w/ autism smitson 2013). Impairments in these domains contribute to difficulties in acquisition of play skills, communication, and functional skills when compared to their neuro typical peers. The need then to identify effective and efficient intervention strategies is imperative. The purpose of this research is to provide support of the use of video modeling with populations of young children diagnosed with autism and how these

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