Chau & Trong Thuy Story

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In our daily, our grandmother and mother usually tell children for many legendary folk tales to sleep well at night. For example, Sue God For Rain, The Golden Star Fruit Tree, Chu Dong Tu And Princess Tien Dung, and The Price of Love are many rattling good stories in Vietnamese folklore. However, Love Story Of My Chau And Trong Thuy is the best folktale I have ever heard since I was a child. It is involved in the important and true historical event in Vietnam.
An Duong Vuong - a king of Au Lac nation, who built Co Loa citadel, was helped by saint Kim Qui. Then, the saint took him one of his claws to make a crossbow to protect the citadel from enemies. Because the crossbow was very magic, every arrow was shot from it to hit a thousand of enemies at the same time. After a long time, Cao Lo, who was one of the mandarin’s household butlers, was the most skilful crossbow maker in the country. He was chosen by the king to be in charge of the heavy responsibility. Nevertheless, athletes are only suited to use this kind of weapon. The crossbow was extremely treasured by the kings, so it was hung in his bedroom. At the time, Trieu Da, the governor of a country adjoining Au Lac at the north, had been failed in occupying his neighbouring nation for many times. Therefore, he attempted to guard his country by all means and waited for the right time. Next, he sent his son whose name called Trong Thuy to Au Lac to …show more content…

The custom “Well treat to daughter-in-law, not well treat to son-in-law” is considered a reaction of Co Loa residents by the love story of Trong Thuy and My Chau. From this story, we can discuss showing the great tolerance in the relationship between humans together in life and use it to explain the origin of the pink pearls found along the northern Vietnamese

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