Vietnam War Impact

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The Vietnam War had an influence on veterans in more than one way, including massive loss of lives and increased violence. American veterans bore physical and emotional injuries that they have carried for the rest of their lives, and many remained loyal and proud of their services to the United States of America. American soldiers in Vietnam served in individual capacities, leading to difficulties in adjustments back at home and others becoming drug addicts. Their addiction to drugs was supported by the challenges brought about by transitioning to a peaceful existence, drugs available in America and the lack of federal programs that could assist the veterans in coping with life at home after war. Many Americans viewed the Second World War as a good war, but the Vietnam War has for a long time been viewed by a section of Americans as a disaster. Regardless of the impacts of the war, many veterans got married, found jobs and integrated successfully into the American society. …show more content…

The war led to increment in demand for independence through many colonial empires under the rule of Europeans, including Belgian, French and British. There was an increasing balance of global power, leading to the occurrence of the cold war. The economy of America became more stimulated by the war and by 1945 the economy of America became a leader in 1945 in global economy of the world. Additionally, there were advancements in technology and medicine, including vaccinations that helped in lowering the rates of mortality and boosting the growth of the population. The progress in computers and electronics led to a transformation in the aftermath of the war, and there was the development of the atomic bomb. This completely changed the face of future wars and it also paved way for the start of the nuclear power

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