Vietnamese Biological Traits

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To be identified with a particular ethnic group, an individual must share the same language, similar beliefs, and behaviors of the group; that can be distinctive from other groups. However, in reality, biological traits are a part of one’s identity. Speaking fluently a language does not show a speaker’s identity because language can be learned. Therefore, based on a factor such as a language or biological characteristics to identify someone can cause confusing and embarrassing.
I have been familiar with the question “are you Chinese-Vietnamese?” of those whom I had met the first time since living in my homeland. I had wondered that I might probably carry Chinese heritage. Since coming to the United States, the situation switching around to languages: Vietnamese waitresses in restaurants greet me in English; on the contrary, Chinese ones greet me in Mandarin, or a cashier in an Asian market speaks either Mandarin or English with me,
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673), language is another part of identity concept. Indeed, language is a crucial element to human social survival (Vanniarajan, 2008, p. 2), it is the medium of communication used daily to exchange information based on every aspect of linguistics: phonology, syntax, semantic, and morphology. Moreover, language is an evident identity of an individual; using proficiently a language does show one’s ethnic or regional background through phonological differences which are known as an accent. Although, I look like Chinese, I still carry Vietnamese accent in my both Mandarin and English speaking because Vietnamese is my mother tongue. Although Vietnamese modern script was Romanized from Han (Chinese) characters, Vietnamese has its own phonological system that does not contain some specific sounds such as /ʈ͡ʂʰ/, / t͡ɕ/, /ʈ͡ʂ/ in Chinese. There is no wonder I cannot pronounce these sounds nativelike which identify my
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