Villain Support Group Essay

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WHAT WERE YOUR IDEAS AND WHAT SOURCES PROMPTED THEM? Within my group, many ideas were shared. Our first idea for our pre-existing piece was sparked from a concept from the movie ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ in which a villain is the protagonist, who learns to accept who he is by the conclusion of the story. This inspired our idea of a ‘Villain support group’ to be the main concept of our story. This then developed into a ‘Side character support group’, and the discussion of which characters would be included in either side. Ultimately, this was as far as this idea got and was scrapped when a future, more relevant idea came along. I felt as though this idea would be great for a short scene in the show, but was not elaborate enough to create a 10-20…show more content…
WHAT SOURCES DID YOU RESEARCH TO HELP WITH YOUR IDEA? To aid our idea of a high school theatre audition, I researched movies and shows that contained similar concepts. For example, the audition scene in the Pitch Perfect movie was ideal in sculpting our idea of a collective audition which would represent the individual auditions of those in the room. Each student that would audition would present the song differently, and therefore, be portraying how their own characters are, even through a simple 3 minute pop song. Additionally, since this idea would have been set within a high school, it was relevant to research similar musicals. For example, Heathers the Musical, Be More Chill, and Spring Awakening are all musicals set within a high school environment. Bare the Musical stood out to me the most personally, for the simple fact that within the musical, there are high school characters putting on a Shakespeare play. The song ‘Auditions’ would have been a brilliant way to inspire a script for this idea, if it would have developed into our final idea. To help with the pre-existing ‘villain/sidekick support group’ idea, I looked into the most iconic antagonists and minor characters both within theatre and popular movies and tv shows. For villains, I looked deeply into characters like Voldemort (Harry Potter), Pennywise the Clown (It), Ghostface (Scream), etc. For sidekicks, Ron Weasley (Harry Potter), Boq (Wicked), Robin (Batman). To help even further with this idea, I
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