Violence Against Children and Women

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Introduction For numerous years, violence against children and women has not only been accepted and tolerated as an ordinary practice, but it has as well been encouraged. Patriarchal societies across the world view children and women as being submissive members of a family while men hold dominant roles. Laws and the society have often promoted a man's rights to manipulate and control his family, even through violence, from the olden days to the present world. Domestic violence refers to aggression or violence perpetrated within the perspective of a momentous interpersonal relationship such as marriage, family and dating (Karmen, 2010). It includes violence between a wife and a husband, children and their parents, boyfriend and a girlfriend, or lesbian and gay partners. In present, world cases of domestic violence have risen with more children, women and men dying out of this violence. Although, domestic violence receives less attention, it is widespread and most cases of domestic violence remain unreported. Domestic violence leads to death, separation, poverty, physical injuries, and emotional and psychological torture among other societal problems. Although aspects that are a bit more nuanced and composite than canonical story of male violence compel domestic violence, domestic violence is a significant issue and a serious public health and social problem. According to Huss (2008), criminal justice statistics offer domestic violence figures that present different
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