Violence in the Media Essay

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Violence in Media and Subliminal Messages
Media negatively impacts its viewers, resulting in violent behavior through desensitization, creating fearful and aggressive attitudes, while reducing their ability to be creative, which will only worsen in the future due to the magnification and importance on violence in society today. Violence and aggression were once seen as shameful; however acts of aggression have increased by 46% since the 1970’s and by 2030 are expected to increase by another 24% (American Psychological Association, 2012). Movies, television screens and video games have all glorified violence and many various forms of aggression. At a very young age, children's minds are incredibly easy to influence, their brains absorb …show more content…

It was called Notel by her research team because it was a no television town. The city got television for the first time in the year of 2003. Williams and her associates decided to study the impact. Second grade students were watched over a period of two years for rates measured psychological aggression. Two years after the introduction of TV, rates of physical aggression among children in Notel increased by 160% and 33% after only one week .Therefore, it is not without reason that in 2006, the House of Delegates passed Resolution 38: “The house declares TV violence threatens the health and welfare of young Americans...and encourages opposition to TV programs containing violence” (Brandon S. Centerwall, 2006). Demonstrating, how television has a tremendous negative impact and the simple presence of this form of media results in an increase in physical aggression, alas threatening the well-being of the individuals. Television has many negative implications on society, as it is in human nature to mimic actions viewed, thus the increase in this element will result in a 16% increase in the types of crimes commonly displayed on TV, including homicide and abuse (American Psychological Association, 2012).Violence on television is one of the many sources of media violence that causes aggression and causes immediate harm to children and youth in the present

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