Violent Video Games

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1.2 Billion, that's the number of people in the world who are involved in playing video games. Imagine this, the number is going to increase and increase to a great deal in the future years. Nevertheless, the amount is not the problem, but what is the problem is that since teens are playing these games, who knows what is to become of their future. More electronic games are being played and there are becoming more online games. With that said, game companies are making more violent video games as well. More and more mass killings have occurred in the past where the culprit was a gamer. What does this have to say about video games. Games with violence are awful for teens; because it can be distracting from what they really should be doing, it is teaching bad values and core lessons, and is very costly to the average person. To start, role-playing games/video games are distracting for teens and taking time out of their day. When students have free time they can either capitalize which means they can do something helpful or valuable, or use it to do pointless things like playing these games. As students get into higher grade levels the workload dramatically increases and that leads to more work and the game is diverting for kids from not doing their work. For example, in the article “High-Jinks: Shoot-Out” written by Guy Martin he writes, “Three of the four seniors, armed with Walgreens issue water pistols, staked out Cohen’s house in a blue Toyota Minivan.” As seniors or

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