Viruses : A Small Organisms And Most Viruses Essay

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Viruses are known to be very small organisms and most viruses cannot be seen with an ordinary microscope. They are comprised of a little number of qualities as DNA or RNA encompassed by a protein covering. A virus must enter a living cell and "commandeer" the cell 's hardware so as to duplicate and make more viruses. Some viruses do this by embedding their own DNA (or RNA) into that of the host cell. At this point the DNA or RNA influences the host cell 's qualities and can push the cell toward becoming cancerous (American Cancer Society). There are several ways that a virus can cause cancer. Some viruses can cause chronic inflammation. The chronic inflammation that is brought on by the virus is when there is an increase in the cell division. By the cell division increasing and making new cells to replace damaged cells, usually results in the risk that a genetic mutation will take place. Therefore, inflammation caused by some of these viruses leads to increase cell division, which leads to a greater chance that errors in genetic material will take place and will eventually lead to cancer. There are also some viruses that may directly damage the DNA within the cells causing them to result into cancer and alter the immune system, so that it is less able to fight off cancer cells (Fayed). According to The National Cancer Institute, cancer is the name given to a collection of related diseases. In all types of cancer, some of the body’s cells begin to divide without stopping

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