Metastatic Cancer Research Paper

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INTRODUCTION Cancer is given to a whole collection of related diseases. Cancer cells begin to divide unregulated and spread into surrounding tissues. Scientists have proposed that lots of SP2 protein may transform to normal cells into cancer cells. In addition, the deprivation of specific co-stimulated molecules can impair the natural killer cells ability and lead to the cancer. Cancer occurs almost anyplace in the human body. Cells become old and become more abnormal or cells, which are damaged when they should die, divide without stopping and may constitute growths called tumors. Also cancer cells are less specialized than normal cells. The first and original tumor is called primary tumor. Primary tumor may spread to other parts of the body and create new tumors. A cancer spread from the starting place to another place that is called metastasis. Metastatic tumor is the same type of cancer as the primary tumor and they …show more content…

1). In microfluidic flows, particles can migrate one place to another place streamlines to focus at specific position in micro channels because of the inertial forces that overused for high throughput, size based particle and separation of cell. In other words, migration of particles occurs because of the inertial lift forces. Existing of inertial microfluidics devices provide to good separation resolution. In contrast, the use of inertial microfluidics is limited by the large red blood cells and diluted blood samples. However, many researchers use high throughput blood separation as dean flow technique with CTCs isolation from blood. In this way, they may solve the dilution problem a little bit. Consequently, although many recent advances in inertial microfluidics, there is a still need new technologies that provide continuous, high throughput and purity of viable CTCs from large blood

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