Visual Communication : Homosexuality And Realism

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Visual Communication
(and realism in art)
Anissha Govind

Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for degree of

Bachelor of Design



Cape Town

Lecturer: Carol Gainer

Homosexuality can be defined, according to, as “sexual desire or behaviour directed toward a person or persons of one 's own sex.” 6 (DON’T USE FOOTNOTES!) and is seen as a form of sexuality 15 (DON’T USE FOOTNOTES!). Homosexual males are often referred to as ‘gay’ while homosexual females are referred to as ‘lesbian’ 15 (DON’T USE FOOTNOTES!).

Homosexuality is a topic that causes a lot of conflict and discussion, due to opposing views on whether is it ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. This article …show more content…

Numerous religions view homosexuality as a sin and religious institutions, in general, have a less supportive view towards homosexuality than other organisations 2. Religious organisations, along with military organisations, have been shown to display a prejudice towards homosexuals and other “sexual minorities” 11. (DON’T USE FOOTNOTES)

Another opposition to homosexuality is that of those (change the wording) who believe in Darwinism, and that an inclination to non-reproductive sex does not present an explanation in line with evolution. Yet it is still something that continues to occur which would lead to the belief that homosexuality is in actual fact an “adaptive feature of evolution” 11.

Some of the stereotypes that homosexuals face are: that they have made a choice in being gay or lesbian, lesbians are masculine, there is a cure for homosexuality and that gay men are pedophiles 9. Homosexuality is in actual fact just a different form of sexuality 16 and therefore those who are homosexual cannot change their sexuality or be cured of it. While some women do fall in a category of being seen as masculine is not a defining feature of lesbians as they are just women who are sexually attracted to other females 8.

Paedophilia is caused by “immature sexual development” which can be homosexual in its nature but it is not as a result of a person being homosexual 15.

When looking at views and the

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