Visual Imagery And Effective Communication

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In the past decades, Visual Imagery and communication have been applied to communicate a person’s feelings toward communication to predictable communication with another individual (Bruder, Dosmukhambetova, Nerb, & Manstead, 2012). The capability of people to express their feelings and nonverbal behaviours in an image assists to coagulate predictable behaviours when communicating with others. Imagery is a very significant aspect of communication, and it has played a crucial role in the development of human beings regarding the origin and development of an individual when he or she is a child to adulthood. Also, it had been argued that human beings used to communicate using images before languages came up. Thought and concepts of a person are encoded in images and language was established in response to the human necessitate to create those thoughts and concepts known to others (Cambridge, 2012). Words are just taken to be symbols, and they lack intrinsic meaning while imagery itself is abstract expressions, patterns, which are the basis of the brain. Scholars also argue that when individuals experience emotions, they are retained somewhere within the system and that the aptitude to remember and practise the situation and its connected emotions is available to everybody. Consequently, the literature indicates that people glimpse drawings easily that spoken texts because they can express what cannot be put into words. Images can be used to link the gap between the deceptively
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