Visual Rhetoric : Media Sexualization

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Sarah Nassar ENC 1101 11 October 2015 Visual Rhetoric It would be nearly impossible for one to try and count the amount of products in today’s market aimed at bettering one 's self exterior. The Millennial’s are often dubbed as the ‘most selfish generation’ because the majority is preoccupied with its self-image and with receiving praise in return for working toward perfecting this self-image. Media sexualization is guaranteed to spark a response and has become common to the point where viewers are becoming desensitized to the obvious extremes. Advertisers take note of this and the evidence is conspicuous. While not having an official slogan, the deodorant brand, AXE, aimed for men, has implemented the idea that if one were to use an AXE product all over themselves, the sex crazed females will follow. This ideology is displayed through their numerous advertisements occupying billboards and television time slots. One of their ad’s in particular feature a man pouring the promoted AXE shower gel all over himself, reflected with a slender woman smearing whip cream over her chest to suggest promiscuity. Conversely, the toiletry brand, Dove, has launched their Dove Self-Esteem Project which aims to influence awareness surrounding women 's self-esteem and the confidence needed to reach their full potential. A great portion of Dove’s running commercials encourage body positivity in woman of all sizes. More specifically, many of their ads aim to discredit the stereotypes women
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