Vitiligo: The Most Common Treatments

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In the last few years, researchers have made great progress in efforts to treat this disease. Common treatments include the use of creams, makeup, and surgery. Creams work to mainly reduce any possible inflammation and some brands even claim that their creams can restore one’s original color. However, many of the advertised creams turn out to have little to no effect and some tend to have side-effects that can result in burns or rashes. Alternatives for cream-based products include getting either skin grafting or blister grafting surgeries. Skin grafting is the process of peeling away small sections of the epidermis layer that has regular pigmentation and placing onto the affected areas. Blister grafting is similar to this process, except it involves the creation of blisters. The blisters are created using a suction and then doctors will remove the top layer of it and transfer it onto the areas with no pigmentation. …show more content…

There are currently several treatments being examined and if they are to get the FDA’s approval then they can potentially change the treatment of vitiligo forever. A drug by the name of afamelanotide is intended to produce melanocytes and it is to be placed under the epithelial layer. Prostaglandin E2 is another treatment that works as a gel-like substance that is to be applied onto the affected area. The scientists behind it claim that it can restore one’s original skin tone by controlling the melanocytes and directing them to go to the places that lack

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