Vladimir Lenin And Marx 's View On Communism Essay

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Some may think Marxism and Leninism go hand and hand but they are from similar to one another. It is the contrast between these two political theories that sever the bridge between theory and practice. Vladimir Lenin’s view upon Communism far differed from that of the theorist Karl Marx which leaves us to question as to how could one deem the two interchangeable? How could Lenin proclaim to be a Communist with that completely alter what Marx and Engels provicized to be their view of Communism within the “Communist Manifesto”? Why would people confuse a seemingly democratic view with State Capitalism? The answer to these questions is a simple one for it is all based about lack of one’s interpretation which in turn led to such a conflict of ideals. The misinterpretation in this theory and practice hones it on the misinterpreting of the duties of the Central Government. Misinterpretation is an issue that has troubled the world for centuries upon centuries because interpretations of theories and even other forms of writing has always been based upon the instilled by the interpreter not the creator which seemingly cause conflict.
Karl Marx was born in Prussia in 1818. In college he began exploring socio-political theories at university among the Young Hegelians (“Karl Marx Biography,” n.d.)
. He became a journalist in which his newspaper press was not only successful but also extravagantly, controversial which in turn led to his expulsion from Germany and France. In 1848, he

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