Vladimir Lenin Research Paper

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What was the Russian government under Lenin like? What kinds of tasks did it attempt to achieve: Vladimir Lenin chose the timing of the communist takeover perfectly. The Russians were so tired of fighting that when the takeover took place it faced hardly any resistance. The problem was that this passive demeanor wouldn't last long. Communism is such a radical jump of ideologies you cannot expect everyone to suddenly embrace it with open arms. Consequently, this led to the Bolsheviks becoming dictators in order to maintain rule. Lenin's first agenda was to end the war with Germany. He viewed the war as a distraction to the Communist mindset and would not allow it to distract anyone. The entire Communist system was supposed to be highly scientific based off of facts and logic. The only problem was that the system failed the Bolsheviks…show more content…
He saw right away the troubles of the original Communist manifesto and became impatient with Marx's idea of Communism arriving gradually yet suddenly.

A Russian historian named Richard Pipes wrote, "Soviet Russia was the first society in history to outlaw law." What did he mean by that: Sometime later in Lenin's rule he gave the order to every judge in Russia to base legal decisions, with their revolutionary minds. What this means is that the judges could effectively ignore the law and make decisions that they thought would best serve the Communist revolution. The worst part is that the only requirements needed to be a judge at the time were able to read and write. There was no need for silly things like study law for years and memories the law to get a degree. Things like that were silly and hindered Communism. All a person needed was to make the best judgment they could use their revolutionary mind. Anything to aid Communism. As you can imagine this did not sit well with some of the population as no doubt some truly unfair punishments were handed
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