Volleyball Tryout Essay

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It was the day of volleyball tryouts. I was obviously pretty nervous as most should be, but it was way more than that. But something about this current volleyball tryout felt good. Very good. It all started the night before. I can not explain how many volleyball related Youtube videos I watched. I even tried a whole week of just vegetables but I could not live with eating brussel sprouts for my main dish. I ran 2 miles. Anything I did, it just did not seem like enough! The worst part was I couldn’t even sleep. Probably the most important thing of getting ready for tryouts tomorrow. In fact, I tried something called green tea. I know what you're thinking,”Didn't work?” Nope! I just layed in bed thinking about how I would react if…show more content…
Everybody was shocked considering that we weren’t members of team just yet. For once. She divided us into 2 groups. The inexperienced volleyball players and the experienced players. Instead of putting me on the inexperienced volleyball side she put me and few other girls on the experienced side. I was so nervous, I felt like fainting just like in the movies. Right now, I realized I should not be intimidated, I was pretty taller than them. But they were better volleyball players than me that's for sure! I was playing front row meaning I had to block the opponent's spikes. I was very scared thinking I would do better back row. As we started, the balls were coming towards the back row. But sadly my luck didn’t last for long. A ball came right towards me. I wasn’t expecting it but instead blocking it from coming over to our side. I used my hands to block my face. I sighed in sadness, hoping the coach wasn’t looking. Many balls had went to straight towards me again. At least they had been saved. But this was the final match point. We were at a tie of 24-24. Our “team” had got into a circle. One of the girls named Mackenzie got everyone to look at me. She finally said “Hadassah, nobody is mad at you this your first tryout. This last point will probably end up coming to you as well. Try to imagine you are playing at the
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