Volunteering At Chartwell Deerview Crossing

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Volunteering at a retirement residence was a rewarding experience. I was able to gain useful and professional experience in terms of working with people and building strong relationships while being reminded of the positive difference that I was making while volunteering. Chartwell Deerview Crossing is a wonderful, inclusive place for the residents to spend their days. Their mission statement “making peoples lives better” is an understatement as to what they provide for their residents, volunteers, and staff. They provide many activities to encourage comfort and the most care in their facility. During my experience, I was able to recognize and incorporate course concepts learned from 1BB3. Throughout this essay, I will be discussing my …show more content…

In relation to course content, the literature on sensory changes states that “sight has the greatest effect on a persons’ ability to function in later life” (Novak, Campbell, and Northcott, 2013, p. 97). I find that this definition promotes an aggressive tone in relation to my experience. As I am sure it does have an effect on many more things in Helens life, her active wellbeing shows that it has not stopped her from functioning. Although she proved to show that assistance was needed to help with the game, she was still a functioning individual, especially since she was able to figure out the area where the letter was on the card. In addition to this experience, Helen proved to show strong episodic memory. Episodic memory can be defined as a memory of past events that are acquired from specific situations (Novak, et al, 2013). The reason I argue that Helen has strong episodic memory is because of her past interest in Bingo. She was able to bring her interest forward to assist her in the particular situation. This situation and the content provided has helped change my assumptions about sensory changes in old age. Originally before taking this course, I would have agreed with the idea that “losing eyesight has the greatest effect on a persons’ ability to function in later life” (Novak, et al, 2013, p. 97). To many outsiders, it does seem like a sense that would be hard to go without. After my

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