Voting In The United States: A Case Study

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1. After seeing the painting “The County Election” I gathered that the voting process is somewhat different from today. In the middle 1800’s only white men could vote, but today all U.S. citizens that are at least 18 years of age are allowed to vote. In the middle 1800’s a lot of people went to the polls to decide on what candidate they were going to vote for, whereas today the voters decision on what candidate they are going to vote for is typically decided beforehand. The elections do share some similarities: had to go to a voting location, all votes are equal, and that the elections can get the best/worst out of people.
2. I am a strong follower of Jackson and his democratic supporters. I believe the democrats have good reason to follow Jackson since the Bank of the United States is becoming too strong. I believe the bank is corrupting politicians by giving them financial favors. It is as if the bank is corrupting politics with too much money. I am well aware that the bank is a way for the well-connected people to get richer at everyone else’s expense. There is nothing in the Bank’s legitimate functions that make it necessary or proper. In result of Jackson directing his cabinet to stop depositing federal funds into the bank, I will continue to follow and …show more content…

I believe the Second Great Awakening was a revivalist movement. Religion was dying in the United States and it was not only getting brought back but highly promoted. The revival of the different religions brought comfort to the Americans that were struggling with the great changes of the day. The revivals also revealed strains within the Methodist and Baptist churches. The Second Great Awakening was connected with the political developments of the time by organizing to address specific social needs. Social problems such as intemperance, vice, and crime. The Awakening was also associated to the political developments of the temperance movement, women’s suffrage, and the Anti-Slavery Abolitionist

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