Vulnerable Population Essay

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Cheri W. Bluford

June 3, 2013

Vulnerable population is not limited to a specific disease, race, income, or gender. There are different situations that can cause an individual to be classified into this category. A Vulnerable population can also include the neighborhood where an individual resides because healthcare resources may be limited. The focus of this will include the understanding of how the different biases affect the delivery of healthcare to individuals. It will also include a self-reflection of the learning prior and post about the population. It will identify a character and describe how he or she may be identified in a vulnerable population.
African American Vulnerable
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According to (,” 32% off African Americans do not obtain a high school diploma.” The unemployment rates are diverse when dealing with the African American population. According to Dodson (2009), “African Americans have an unemployment rate almost double that of the overall population.” African American women have a greater opportunity for employment through the federal, state, or local government than African American men. A high percentage of African Americans are primarily employed in a management, professional, and related occupations. The poverty levels of African American have increased since 2009. The head of households in an African American family is usually run by women. The majority of American families are single women raising children as a single parent. In certain situations, this can lead to the women to relying on public assistance for support. Some African American women live in section eight housing in which the government pays the majority of the rent. She may also receive food stamps or a government assistance check. Health care is necessary for single African American women. Medicaid is one of the commonly used government benefits. Health insurance is unaffordable for most individuals therefore; a family may go without healthcare insurance without a choice because of the financial burden. According to Shi (2008), “minorities may have lower expectations from the

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