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WINSTON SMITH-an unusual hero in a very unusual world The book 1984 written by George Orwell in 1948 which presents a nightmare vision into the future where no one is safe from the beading eyes of BIG BROTHER. No fun is allowed as life is dull and bleak. Jobs are boring and - as you are forced to work for the party and forced to work for a leader who has never been seen. Many of the ideas in the novel have been derived from the ending of the Second World War. The book was written post world war and Orwell believed the future would be just as depressing. That’s why the title is 1984 because it’s the inverse of the current date when it was written and it’s the twist to show how bad he believes the future will be. However in …show more content…

The thought police are meant to hear and know your thoughts an idea based on the Nazi’s SS. Tele screens DO NOT let you make a single move without being spotted. Luxuries are never allowed – if the telescreens ever saw razor blades where hard to buy any luxury or band foods were not aloud. Nothing fun is allowed- sex of any kind is banned as the babies are produced in test tubes. Not many games are allowed – the only entertainment is going to the local town square and watching thought criminals being hung or shot. Were aloud or most had been destroyed in the ministry of truth censoring these games even diary weren’t aloud. If these rules were broken or any other rules including negative thoughts or words towards the leader BIG BROTHER. The accused people not even given a trial but sent straight to the terrifying ministry of love. Where tortures are received in appalling conditions and the non confessors are sent to the most terrifying room in the building room 101.this is the room where all your worst nightmares are used against you and it’s different for each individual as there nightmares differ. When you’re broken and you confess it’s not the end you can either be thrown back into society or killed by hanging or shooting. It’s clear to see none wants to live in this sick and depressing world and it’s the heroes that resist and rebel. The setting is set for our hero but his physical

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