WTO and Health Essay

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WTO and Health

Food, human health and general safety threatened

One of the negative aspects that accompanies the WTO is that it threatens food

security and sovereignty. Agreements that give governments the right to protect human,

animal, plant life and health are to a certain degree handcuffed by the presence of the

WTO. Here the organization acts as to stop governments from using such protection

needs to further use such policies to protect domestic producers and that such protection

policies do not discriminate between goods. Protection policies must be set on scientific

evidence or international standards. Thus the organization constraints the degree to which

the government can protect its …show more content…

Here the WTO tries to minimize the conflict by product standards,

specially when it comes to products made from animals or plants, in a step towards more

government cooperation and acceptance, due to the recognition by the WRO of the

governments right to protect it’s citizens.

Free Trade and Equality

Another issue of great concern is that regarding the relation between trade and

equality between the trading parties whether the increase in trade acts as a reducer or as

an increaser of the gap between trading countries. Here a number of variables play

decisive roles and thus the issue becomes of great complexity. Each country can be

regarded as a special case as it deals with different partners and with regards to different

goods, thus the terms of trade differ from one country to another. The important thing to

recognize is that the aspect of equality is relative. Let us consider an example of two

countries “A” and “B”, where they consume with a rate of 1, 5 goods respectively. If

after trade country A increases it’s consumption by 3 goods while B increases it by 17.

Then the trade would have widened the gap between the two countries, even though

country A still increased its consumption, but it is still worse of relative to B regarding


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