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Authors Resource/ Database Year of Publication Research Type Population & Sample Size Outcome Variables Measured Pertinent Data from Results Author’s Suggested Conclusions Comments Allegretti, A. L., Malkiewicz, A., & Brienza, D. Advances in Skin & Wound Care 2012 Qualitative Experimental Design 5 surgical patients. six Month study Pressure ulcer classification. Scrum pressure Buttock Temperature. Demographic characteristics 48 hrs. postop no pressure sores were found. More investigative studies are needed to test the variation of tissue tolerance during prolonged surgery I chose this article based on its relevance to my topic and the highlights on new measures that use technology to measure the temperature and pressure…show more content…
Association of periOperative Registered Nurses 2006 Quantitative; retrospective descriptive study 150 cardiac surgical patients. six month study Three groups of fifty patients each used A -Standard foam mattress. B-Fluid pressure reducing mattress C-Fluid pressure reducing mattress and nursing intervention Group A=18% Group B=12% Group C=4% developed pressure ulcer Author suggest that preventing pressure sores is a team effort between preoperative, interpretive, and postoperative nurses. I chose this article to compare the differences pressure sore incidences in operation tables used during surgery. Shahin, E., Dassen, T., Halfens, R. International Journal of Nursing Studies 2009 Quantitative, Longitudinal Study 121 ICU patients six month study Patients were assessed at admission and discharge of ICU and assessed using Braden Score and APACHE II score. During the ICU stay 6 pressure sores developed and 5 Pressure sores healed. there was a correlation between APACHE II score and new pressure sores. pressure sores can be healed in ICU patients I chose this article to gain understanding between pressure sores and critically ill patients. Tschannen D1, Bates O, Talsma A, Guo Y. American Journal of Critical Care 2012 Quantitative; Cohort Study 3,225

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