Wal Mart 's Marketing Strategy

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Overview Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world. Wal-Mart’s products and services come with the highest standards, yet the lowest prices. Through innovative thinking and leadership through service, Wal-Mart has shaped itself to what is today and promises to be tomorrow. Wal-Mart promises to provide a better life for their customers, associates, suppliers, and families through lower prices than their competitors. Additionally, Wal-Mart has 23 million associates with 260 million customers every week that have the choice to shop at their stores, online, and through mobile devices. (Walmart Corporate) Problem Analysis Wal-Mart’s strength of their products at low prices can help them serve a larger market. Their internalization…show more content…
If all products are offered 2-day free shipping, consumers will turn to Wal-Mart because they know their wants and needs are available for 2-day shipping at no additional cost. Proposal As Wal-Mart is enhancing customer experience while accelerating their growth, Amazon is making it easier for people to pay for Amazon Prime (Rey). Thus as Amazon Prime becomes less of a financial barrier because of their alternatives to pay for Amazon Prime, Wal-Mart should have free two-day shipping for all their products without any additional charges. Because Amazon has had Amazon Prime for so long, there are many people who will not change to shopping at Wal-Mart or even consider Wal-Mart since they are already members and have paid the membership fee. Therefore, Wal-Mart should take a step ahead and work on a plan to make all their products available for two-day free shipping. Wal-Mart should invest and focus more on their e-commerce. As shown in Figure 1, in 2015 Wal-Mart made $12.7 billion on online revenue while Amazon made $92.4 billion (Richter). Further on, it is important for Wal-Mart to focus on its own e-commerce instead of trying to catch up to Amazon. In brief, Wal-Mart should focus primarily on their company’s success. Growing through e-commerce will bring in more revenue and value to their company. Figure 1: (Richter) Timeline Step 1: Know what is Important to Online Consumers According to Figure 2, Statista conducted a survey which shows the top 11 most
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