Walden Mission Statement

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My nursing carrier stared off at the bottom of the ladder, from care associate, to Licensed practical nurse, to associate in nursing, and now I have bachelor in the nursing. I have been working as a Registered nurse for over 11 years, and I have seen great positive changes towards health care .Changes in technology and in patient care as a whole. In my experience as a health care provider, I have seen a great need in the mental health patient and the lack of sufficient providers. My professional goal is to work in an area that will allow me to work with mental health patient in an advance nursing capacity. To work in this capacity I will require an advance degree in nursing. In my research looking school, I found out that many schools are not offering masters in mental health nurse practitioner program (PMHNP).…show more content…
Initially, I was drawn to Walden mainly because their program is 100 present online. However, as I further look into the university, I found out Walden’s mission and vision testimonial has resounding effect on me. The mission statements propel me to make a prompt decision to start my master program now. The School of Nursing (SON) vision and mission statements express my sense of learning. According to the Walden University SON (2011a), their vision is for graduates to contribute to nursing, health, and relate sciences to help transform the provision and care they offer their patient in health care nursing in continuum of care and across the human life span to meet the needs of their patient in communities that they serve. The knowledge that I am going to acquire through Walden will help me in the transformation of advance care to the population that I will be catering
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