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Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk Question one When criminal activities such as mugging, gang war, rape, killings, and many more occur, it is normal for the focus of the society to shit to the victims of such crime and their material losses. But the immediate and more tangible losses brought about due to criminal activity, there exists a more abstract problem in the form of fear of crime. As confirmed by the police officers and backed-up by the crime statistics, there is no crime problem at the Senior Citizen’s Center. The fact that news about criminal activities occurring elsewhere spreads rapidly within the center has led to increased fear…show more content…
At the Senior Citizens’ Center, the primary cause of this fear of crime is the media. Even though the neighborhood does not have a crime problem and the levels of crime in the area is very low, the senior residents are not willing to participate in evening walks in the park like they used to before. The new reluctance stems from the residents worry regarding all the crime that they see in the news and read about in the papers. Information travels quickly within the area and news regarding criminal activities elsewhere resonates with the residents making them fearful both individually and collectively. Through the media, they learn of criminal activities in other parts, develop a fear of crime, and subscribe to perceptions that certain situations are closely associated with criminal behaviors. Hence, crime in other places propagated through the media is the major cause of the fear of crime within the center. Question four Effective community policing should diminish any fears of crime that the citizens within a particular neighborhood have. The fact that the individuals at the senior citizens center are fearful from the crime they see in other areas means that the community policing function that is currently in existence is a little bit inadequate. One thing that is missing is the deliberate, non-enforcement, face-to-face contact between the police officers and the residents in the area. Such

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