Walls Book Review

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THEO 330-D03

“Do you ever have the feeling that you are missing out on something important?” Ryan starts. “It’s Probably because you are.” (Loc. 247) Many of us are missing out on all God has for our life. What is keeping us from living the life God intends? Walls– separating us from the greatness God has destined for us. We get stuck plateauing in our spiritual progress, seeming to come to a screeching halt with our growth in the Lord. This is the issue Rush begins to portray in his book, Walls.

Rush paints a wonderful picture of how we, as Christians, are to live authentic lives. He provides much Biblical insight in this book to help us break the walls holding us back. We might overcome these stumbling blocks by learning …show more content…

We typically cannot cross these barriers in such short time.

Applying this book to my life has been a great experience. I have been struggling much with different walls in my life. Pride has definitely been one of the most prevalent in my observation. I see that over time, I have built a wall brick by brick. Creating these barriers do not usually happen overnight, but they seem to be a progressive construction– they take quite

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