Essay on Walmart Case Study

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Introduction: (Major Facts)
Ever since Wal-Mart started it has taking off not only nationally but internationally, especially over the past ten years. Wal-Mart has become the world’s largest and probably the most powerful retailer to this day, having the highest sales per square foot. The major keys to Wal-Mart’s success is due to their inventory turnover, operating profits, providing discounted prices to their customers, and of course their supply chain. Through all of those, Wal-Mart says that it focuses on change, technology, and effective management to lower cost all across the board. Wal-Mart’s incredible supply chain, as shown in the case with its seafood, but with all of its products is where most of their ability to lower product …show more content…

• Under the fishery management plans developed by this entity, commercial fishing of wild salmon was only allowed by operators with entry permits and only within a limited season. The length of the season changed every year to ensure that a sufficient number of each type of wild salmon returned to spawn.
• The Fishin’ Company, buying directly from these commercial boat operators, faced a highly volatile market in which prices typically fluctuated by 30 percent within a season and supply could be unexpectedly cut off by an early close to the season.
• Kumar estimated that during a season, the average price of a pound of wild pink or chum salmon might be approximately $1.00 per pound.
Problem Solving: (Possible Solutions/Alternatives)
To accomplish its goal, Wal-Mart would have to work through its suppliers to increase the number of fisheries and processing plants in the MSC certification program. Kumar felt that his efforts were helping to secure and expand his business with Wal-Mart in the long term. With the MSC certification, again looking into the long run, Walmart is looking to improve its image which has been a problem in past years. Wal-Mart was said to be frauds, in that they were promoting one thing, but behind the senses they were really not doing all of that to cut cost. Taking these extra actions now could prevent a lot of problems in the future and secure good business

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