Walmart Case Study

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Walmart Case Study Case study Questions and Answers: 1- Examine the development of Wal-Mart over its 40 year history. It is now nearly half a century since Walmart exists. From humble beginnings in the 1960s in Arkansas to the world’s leading retailer, Walmart has come a long way to its success. Starting domestically in Arkansas, it was dedicated to its principals; genuine customer courtesy, a culture of respect for the individual and everyday low prices. In the 1960s, Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, started his business with a strong foundation which is providing everything to customers with low prices they can afford. From that time forward, Walmart kept its low price strategy and in return it became bigger and bigger. The…show more content…
For this reason, they add value in the sense of price and quality which help them serve and retain their customers. Also keeping up with the economy changes worldwide and operating better than competitors. Moreover, expanding business practices worldwide benefits the countries in trading for other goods and services they do not have. This expansion helps in economic growth, creating more jobs, investment opportunities in goods and services. It helps poor countries given their environmental, economic and regulation or political issues. In Walmart case, after it succeeded in the U.S, it started to think internationally. This American company that runs chains of discount department stores and warehouse stores was incorporated at the seventh year of its existence. Some of the key strategies Walmart used were: 1. Forced suppliers to offer them the cheapest prices they can and then Walmart pushed the prices even further given their share size of the retail chain that forced them to these demands. 2. Pushed the universal barcode that forced many manufacturers to adopt common labelling that lowers the costs of packaging. 3. Truly offering customers the lowest prices which translates the company’s goal’ save money, live better’ Conclusion Like any other business, Walmart expanded globally because as it gains profit it is also offering job opportunities for a lot of people. For example, nowadays Walmart has more than 2.2 million associates worldwide.
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