Walmart : Company Profile Case Study

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Walmart: Company Profile This report looks, in detail at Walmart. A retail powerhouse which has been at the top of its game since not long after it was founded in 1962 (Jacques, 2002). The discount grocery retailer has evolved into what it is today by making careful and meticulous decisions to ensure it is highly profitable as well as affordable for all consumers. Sam Walton, the founder, is quoted to have said that his initial philosopher when he founded the company was that his undertaking should be ‘a crusade to the customer’ (Walton, 1993) providing customers with high quality goods for affordable prices, and his philosophy has remained until this day. This report will go through the history of Walmart and its evolution; it will also consider the retail geography theories as to why this particular retailer is so profitable. It will look at a breakdown of the companies customer and employee demographics and statistics and also current concerns which face Walmart today, whether it be pressure from the First Lady to provide healthier food options, to striking employees, to investing in startup companies to further increase their profits. Introduction Walmart is an American Multinational Retail Corporation that has a large proportion of discount department stores as well as smaller scale stores. Walmart was founded in Rogers, Arkansas just outside of Bentonville, Arkansas where the company currently has its headquarters (Daniel, 2012). The company was founded in 1962 by

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